The Solution

VOPTI WebRTC QualitE, Web Real Time Communications, will provide unparalleled communications optimization and user experience management data, for operators and contact centres alike.


It is estimated that there will be “4 billion WebRTC-enabled endpoints worldwide by 2016” – Disruptive Analysis. Vopti Technologies have patents pending citing unique user management experience and enhanced voice quality meeting our inventors standard accepted and recommended by the ITU.

Products in Development

  1. Vopti Browser with embedded QualitE.
  2. Click to call platform.
  3. Vopti Data Analytics on user experience.
  4. Licensing Technology to Operators

What’s it for?

In browser Real-time, peer-to-peer, Voice, Video and Data communications. Our platform will allow for in browser click to call services that will offer additional user experience data back to our clients. We are also open to wholesale and licensing enquiries please feel free to get in touch.